The Jancave Jukebox Years

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The JanCave Jukebox Years

I was born in 1964 – there. I said it. I know you’re looking at the photos on this website thinking “How can that be? She looks so youthful?”. Well, firstly – you should have gone to Specsavers. And secondly I’m a professional photographer by trade and handy with an airbrush. Of course – I joke. I just picked old photos.

ANYWAY – the point being …. For me the best years of my childhood were in the 1970s and so I have a particular affection for that decade, it’s music and pop culture.

The JanCave Jukebox years is a series of one hour shows, each of which takes a particular year from the seventies and I play the songs that I have affection for from that year (rather than just the top ten) along with facts about the artists and songs and the odd TV clip thrown in here and there.